Who We Are

The Advanced Aero Vehicle Group is composed of two teams, the SAE Aero and the High Power Engineered Rocket (HPER) Design Teams.

What We Build

The Aero SAE team creates a scratch built air-plane each year capable of lifting payloads and performing precision air-drops.

The High Power Rocket team constructs a High-Power Rocket Launch system each year to carry scientific payloads and conduct structural and aerodynamic research.

Where We Are Going

This year the Aero SAE team will be returning to the SAE AeroDesign competition, where they will have to carry 18lbs of payload in an airplane weighing less than half that.

The High Power Engineered Rocket team will make its second appearance at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, where they will launch the Mercia Inline Two-Stage Rocket to 10,000 feet.

Officer Team

Jill Davis
Contact: jcdcn6@mst.edu
Vice President:
Paul Black
Contact: pebpn2@mst.edu
Aero SAE Chief Engineer:
Annika Highley
Contact: aeh8c8@mst.edu
HPER Chief Engineer:
Terence McGarvey
Contact: twmq72@mst.edu


Team Sponsors

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Interested in helping?

The opportunity to design and fly vehicles is an invaluable experiential learning instrument for members of the Advanced Aero Vehicle Group. Competing in two rigorous design competitions each year requires both financial and advising help. If you or your organization are interested in contributing to AAVG, please contact President Jill Davis or visit giving.mst.edu, select Designation Option Two, and choose Advanced Aero Vehicle Group.

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